Ok – I’m scared

I kind of like McCain.  I was worried though that it would be another 4 years of the same…even if he is a bit of a “maverick” his tune lately has fallen into line with the old guard.  But now Palin.  Smart move on his part?  I am beginning to think no.  At least for me.  Mixing God with anything other than religion is a turn off.  My turn-ons, in case you want to know, are ice cream, beer, ice cream-flavored beer, and long rides.

Back to the point.  As many of you saw, Palin was quoted as saying the Iraq invasion was a “task that is from God”.  Who’s God?  Ours?…the U.S.?  Does she mean Christianity (her religion). I would think that Muslims would disagree about God’s to-do list in this case.  Apparently “God’s will” also includes building natural gas pipelines.  How convenient to us religion to suite our motivations and goals.

I wasn’t set on Obama before, but this sure steers me in that direction.


~ by Indy on September 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ok – I’m scared”

  1. I completely agree with what you said.

  2. it’s just a matter of time until she has a wardrobe malfunction and we’ll want more. Thus, earning our votes. Brillant!!

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