4 days to Pain. Sunday at sunrise 400+ idiots will head out for 100 miles and 14,000 feet of elevation gain on fat tires. Everyone’s got their goals/hopes/dreams. I hope to bury mine and just ride. This year I am going without a watch or cyclometer. This could be a mind-F, but I’ve ridden the course enough to generally know how far in I am. Plus, I don’t want to be racing the clock. My best time here (9:10) was when I had torn the sidewall on my tire just before Checkpoint 1 and given up hope of having a “fast” time. I settled into a relaxed pace and rode well the entire time. Fast forward to the next year and I went in strong. Hung near the “front” (top 20-30) and paid for not taking time to refuel and settle in. My china cracked making the hairpin turn and climbing to Checkpoint 5.

So this year I go in without a goal. Who am I kidding? I’d like to be somewhere between 8.5 – 9 hours, but will just ride things as they come and not worry too much. It worked this past weekend at the Cranky Monkey – Quantico race. I started at near snails pace (at least for a race) and finished strong (my 3rd/last lap was only seconds slower than my 2nd) after 27 miles. Not 100, I know, but after 5 times I think hope I know how to race the 100 now. We’ll see…


~ by Indy on August 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Countdown”

  1. Good luck buddy. Hav a great time.

  2. Good luck! I know you never go into any ride/race without a personal goal! You always seem to be in the top 10 so keep it up. My thoughts will be w/you. Mom

  3. have fun out there… no racing for me this year, but my little bro will be out representing for the foley name.

  4. So by not having a goal you are hoping to achieve your goal. Sounds Taoist – in the man who wants nothing has everything vein. But are you allowed to actually still have a secret goal in Taoism?

    I have definitely been faster since I stopped racing with a computer. I have spent more time reading the race and living in the moment than I have worrying about by heart rate, speed, distance to go and pace. I can’t imagine staring at your handlebar is any more productive in a mountain bike race than it is in a crit.

    Have fun and Rock N’ Roll

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