I’ve been slacking on posts so here is some deets and pix from race #2 of the Cranky Monkey series 2 weeks ago at Fountainhead. Bike Doctor had a good presence with 4 or 5 guys in the expert field. Dave took the overall “W” and Jed took 2nd overall and the “W” in the 35+ expert. I was holding 5th down for 2.25389 laps and then faded. My bike was – wait for it … acting like poop too. I rode it Friday and Saturday without an issue and decided not to even clean it before Sunday. It repaid me by shifting so badly that by the last lap I was limited to about 6 gear options (as opposed to 27). I jammed the chain between the rear spokes and cassette twice with less than half a lap to go. All that said, I was satisfied with how I rode. Staying within my limit and only fading near the end. No cramping. No bonking. I finished 7th overall.

After several weeks of on-again, off-again travel this was a good start to getting in shape for the SM100 and ultimately CX season. Some pix of Bike Doctor poached from Will Ramos:

Jed getting “busy”                        Dave chasing in “busy” mode

Me attempting the “flying squirrel”


~ by Indy on August 19, 2008.

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