Final mammal count on our back country camping trip to Morning Star Lake in Glacier National Park

2 Grizzly bears : female and cub rolled into our food-prep site. Luckily she was just checking out the arrival of these new clowns – us – and rolled on out, but not before getting within about 15 feet of us as we politely asked that she leave. Good thing…”Mothers defending cubs are the most prone to attacking, being responsible for 70% of grizzly caused human fatalities”.

2 Moose : yearling bulls. The following morning after meeting mama bear and cub these guys strolled through our tent pad site as we were prepping breakfast. Kim, Katie, Matt and I quietly walked over and then they bolted for the lake we were camping on. One took off swimming, the other took a leak in the lake and stared at us. Then joined his buddy for a dip.

20+ Bighorn Sheep

2 Hoary Marmots

2 Mountain Goats : female and kid

1 Coyote

Tons of Columbian ground squirrels

A few chipmunks

~ by Indy on August 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Glacier”

  1. 2 beagles and a pink boxer were sighted around these parts.


  2. I must have been in the wrong part of the park.. Went to Lake McDonald, Many Glacier, and East Glacier. Did some great hiking however all we saw was a little rabbit up close. We saw some Mountain Goats from up top at Logan Pass. The closest I got to a Mountain goat was actually on my way driving out of the park where one was on the shoulder of the highway. We didn’t have the chance any camping here though. Beautiful scenery however my damn quads kept cramping going down the mountain walks.

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