Let the Good Times Blow

Early this week I was still on the fence about going to MTB nationals at Mt Snow. Gas, lodging, and my less than best fitness pointed towards no. Goals are goals though and part of me wanted to see this through to the end. My back and ribs are nearly back to normal. My cold is lingering, but mostly just snot. And I hoped by Saturday some rest mixed with a few hard “opener” efforts would prime the pump.

Tuesday I headed out to Schaeffer to check the systems. FAILURE. I broke another frame! The suspension was squeaking, but I couldn’t pin point the problem and thought the pivot bearings maybe needed some grease. Then about an hour into the ride while descending at speed through some roots my rear wheel dislodges and starts rubbing the chain stay. I figured I’d broken a spoke (or two). Closer examination revealed the carbon drive-side chain stay had separated from the the aluminum bottom bracket lug. F!!

Wednesday. Not to be shut out by the broken full suspension rig I took the hardtail Taurine to Wakefield for the last of the Wednesday night races. I got a good start from the 2nd row and was sitting around 5th as we entered the woods. Then my rear wheel starts making this terrible metal grinding noise. What do I do? Keep riding it of course. I notice I’m giving full gas and the 4 ahead of me are easily pulling away. Then I start going backwards. First Mike Buchness passes me on the dirt road section. Then nearing the start/finish area I lose track of the trail and follow what was an old line, now taped off, and ride into the said tape and woods, allowing 2 more guys on my tail to pass. The 2nd lap I am struggling and about half way through let yet another guy go by. I am turning myself inside out, but dropping like I’ve got concrete shoes. Turns out this wasn’t too far from the truth. Just past the finish and heading out for lap 3 of 4 my rear brake losses all compression. Nothing. Lever goes right to the bar. The rear wheel then locks up. Effing Great. Another bike bites the dust.

Do you know me? Mr. Mechanical is the name. Breaking shit is my game.

My guess is that as we entered the woods on the first lap something lodged in the rear disk brake caliber causing the horrible noise. It only got worse and eventually dislodged both brake pads and one of the pistons. For most of the race I was pushing a sled. Great resistance training.

So…Mt Snow will wait until next year (maybe).

4th GC at Nationals #2 (Arizona), 3rd at Nationals #5 (Windham), 4th at VA State Champs, and 2nd at MD State Champs gives me enough points to get my semi-pro upgrade so not all is lost – I met one of my season goals. Now I just need a bike to ride.

so one of my season goals was met.


~ by Indy on July 17, 2008.

One Response to “Let the Good Times Blow”

  1. Congrats on getting to semi-pro!! Now you can really beat yourself to a pulp (and your bikes as well!) I’m looking forward to next year’s races here in AZ!!

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