Count down to Windham

Saturday 8am-ish. Nationals Cross Country Mountain bike race at Windham Ski Resort, NY. I am feeling fat, slow, tired, sick, and generally out of shape. Should be awesome.

Pisser how things seem to pile up. Like the rest of life (cuz cycling is nearly fantasy camp) when things get on a roll, for good or bad, it gains momentum. My line chart has inverted and this cycling ship is taking on water. I felt great towards the end of May. I over did it with the riding at the IMBA weekend and suffered a little the next weekend at the Hoo-Ha. But generally things were shaping up for the Windham and Mt Snow races. The 3 trees that jumped me towards the end of the Hoo-Ha however had different ideas and they gave me a combo to the ribs, face, and shoulder. At first I seemed to bounce back and kept training and racing. But like that steamer your dog left in the back room, eventually things start to stink. And so for most of June I was dealing with back and rib problems. The ribs only seemed to slightly impact my breathing, but my back was definitely hurting my power.

Late June – early July:  2 weeks to Windham, 3 to Mt Snow. Intense chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture seems to have my back…well, back. Ribs are still hurting. X-rays say no break but something is effed up. Torn muscle? Disslocation? Small fracture? I’ve got to get an MRI sooner or later.

So things are were looking good. Then an effing cold hits me in Portland on the 4th and I am struggling to mend. I am better but my asthmatic condition means the snot goes to my lungs. Perfect for racing. Especially mtb racing. I bagged my scheduled race at Wakefield last night. It was supposed to be tune up but instead I am just eating myself out of fitness. Like I said, this Saturday should be awesome.


~ by Indy on July 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Count down to Windham”

  1. Aww man, Wakefield was a blast last night. Windham should be too. Sport legs, and an enervitene cocktail about 45 minutes before your race then a camel back or water bottle with a combo of water and gatorade or cyctomax or what ever you prefer. Sport legs will alleviate the pain, enervitene will give you mucho energy and the combo will keep you from cramping. Ohh and for the cold Best Defense tablets in hot water in the morning and at night.

  2. Hope Karen has an MD after her last name because she is is dispensing medical advice. Not certain what “Sport legs and enervitene are. Of course, I’m concerned you are beating the you know what out of your young body. Glad you enjoy biking but think of those aching joints when your 50! Good luck in Windham!

  3. What Mom said. Why go to nowhere, NY to race if you’re sick?

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