Crapola – that in part describes my recent biking experience. Besides feeling like a total rookie on Saturday and just about going into cardiac arrest 5 seconds into our race, I discovered Sunday morning that my frame had a crack in it.

Last week I sent my mountain bike back to Cannondale because the Headshok seized up. Granted that was partially my fault for a lack of maintenance and an ignorant assumption that the rubber boot would protect the inner workings. Now I am without a “race” mtb and road bike. I still have my cyclocross and single speed mtb to ride so not all is lost, but with mtb nationals in 3 weeks the timing really sucks.

Adding some additional salt to my wounds is the nagging rib injury and recently developed sciatic problem. I guess bouncing between 3 trees at Mach 1 has some long term effects on the body; one which seems to be aging quickly with each injury. I’ve got difficulty breathing and moving in my upper body from the rib muscles being bruised and strained. My lower back has been aching for a few weeks now and a recent x-ray revealed a spine with a nice Andreas Fault-like shift in it. The result of trauma throwing things out of whack. However the problem is that these pains haven’t been bad enough to dissuade me from exercising so I continue training and it never really gets any better. This weekend was enough for me to wise up and get rest now and seek help.

I’m laying off the riding for a few days, getting some rest and stretching. I also plan to see a massage therapist, chiro, and accupunturist. I’ve found in the past that this trifecta has worked well for other injuries and I’m hoping I have the same success this time.

Tour of Washington County – The race was, besides my personal problems, a success as far as I could tell. A great venue and format and run really smoothly. Big congrats to Joe et al.

I really enjoyed the TT even if my results weren’t great. I have a lot to learn with time trialling, but most important, I think, is being disciplined about holding my position and being smooth. I resembled, as my brother would put it, a monkey humping a football. I was all over the place. I was also looking down too much; at my power meter, my pedaling, my gears, whatever. This just puts a nice fairing into the wind to slow you down. It wasn’t a total failure. I managed to get a good power test.


~ by Indy on June 24, 2008.

One Response to “Crapola”

  1. That’s funny…in the TT…I felt like the monkey’s football.

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