another recap

i’ve been busy and so the blog suffers.  poor little blog.

raced 2 weeks ago. sucked both days.  B of A crit in Wilmington.  Only thing to write home about was that a) it was fast, b) i had no legs and did nothing c) i got crashed into the barriers midway through the race in start/finish straight – but luckily neither my bike or myself was hurt and i finished the race.

Next day it pissed on us all day and again i raced with terrible legs and even worse courage.  i road in the rain like a nancy and felt like i was slip-sliding around.  this was likely all in my mind.  i crashed again after sliding out towards the curb, pulling the bike upright only to realize this put me on a tangent directly for said curb.  i reengaged my slide to turn the bike a bit and then made a stunt man jump from the bike and onto the grass.  luckily the officials let me jump back into the race – only  so they could watch my pitiful handling skills.  i made one attack going into the start/finish turn and rode it too wide, putting me into the grass/mud on the outside of the turn.  at that point i realized i was retarded.  woo-hoo for me.  i jumped in the 1/2/3 race and lasted long enough to again demonstrate my racing prowess.  i was later pulled by the moto.  awesome.

fast forward to Wednesday’s greenbelt.  my legs still feel like poop and i suffer my way through an hour of assaults by those riding better than me.

last weekend i was handed a pardon from the road scene and got to ride my mountain bike in the George Washington national forest for 4 days, racking up some great technical rides, tons of climbing miles, and plenty o’ beer and brats.  the folks at imba, more, sbc, and mtn touring host an awesome event and are fun to ride/hang with.  nothing better than doing 3 hour rides with folks who know all the best trails to hit and are happy to have company along for the ride.  the weekend was a blast and i look forward to the next event out that way – i guess that’s the sm100 for me.  time permitting, i may hit a stage of the tour de burg in july.

this week included a mellow birthday and time for recovery from the last weekend’s riding.  the weekend holds a predicted rainy road race Saturday and a mtb race Sunday.  After that – weekends continued to be packed with social events (bachelor party, family/friends) and bike racing.  Pretty much through August.  A trip to Seattle in early July will offer a nice break from the east coast heat and change in scenery.

that’s it.  i am sure there is more interesting stuff, but i can’t think of it.


~ by Indy on May 30, 2008.

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