yada yada

Time for catch up. 2 minute drill stylie.

Went to NC to visit family. 4 days off the bike. Had a great time. Thrashed my shoulders kayaking for 2 days in high winds. What can I say, I’m a cyclist…legs strong…arms, not so much.

Rode at Greenbelt on Tuesday and nearly got blindsided by several deer crossing the road. At one point I was fish tailing after jamming on the brakes and had a deer running parallel with me on either side. Surreal.

Had a PhD committee meeting/presentation and the game plan is to be out by December – Woohoo! Time to get back to work and stop writing on this blog I guess.

Greenbelt training race last night. Good effort – I was cooked afterwards. Saw Trek/VW’s Sue Haywood out racing with us in the A’s which was cool.

Almost got hit by a car this morning and yelled at the lady to stop at the stop sign, to which she replied she was going to. Of course she was, sorry I over reacted. Only it was hard for me to tell that was her intention as she sped through the stop sign doing 20mph and started to turn in front of me.

Then I passed a guy walking his dogs on the Sligo path and called out he had a rider back. 2nd call and he heard me. We exchanged good mornings as I passed him – then this schmuck says “you could use a bell”. How about next time I say nothing at all and squirt water on the back of your head to let you know I am passing you and your dogs as you take up the entire path. You know the saying about assholes and opinions.

Oh, and I was riding the CCT this morning doing a nice recovery spin. I love all the path heroes in their TT bars or the idiots passing like a bunch of retards. Heading north is usually the better way to go since you’re going against the commuters racing to work getting their morning “workout” in. Douchebags.

Ok…you’re up to speed.


~ by Indy on May 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “yada yada”

  1. When I read your rants about dealing with douchebags on the road it really makes me feel that I am not an ass who only gets what is going on. You are not alone brotha.

  2. Everyone hates bikers because we are cool….in shape….green….responsible….etc etc.

  3. tee hee a rant like one of mine, well kinda. the pathletes are the best, and get a bell, WOW a DB with dogs probably on a long leash instead of a short leash telling someone what to do, surprise! Squirt him next time 🙂

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