Greenbrier and beyond

2nd place Expert 30-39.

I had a surprisingly good race. I sort of over did things on Saturday…cleaning bikes, creeks (sweep the creek), the abode, and fixing bikes, sinks, etc. So my legs and back were shot come evening time. But I felt good come Sunday and early in the first lap I rode away from the pack with Michael Gallagher (C3-Sollay). I remember him from cyclocross season where he generally put the smack down on all-comers (with his teammate, Wes – although they weren’t teammates at the time).  Near the end of the 2nd lap I took a detour into the woods after getting sideways through one of many deep bogs on the course. With that, Michael rode away. I didn’t see him again until the last technical climb on the last lap.  I got within about 30 feet and used my Jedi Master skills to keep him from looking back and seeing me, but alas, the force was greater with him.  He saw me and hit the afterburners. I tried the same but spun out climbing over the last log on the last steep section, forcing me to dismount and run.  I think Michael hit me with some Jedi Voodoo mojo.  That was the only time I screwed up a technical section during the race and was clearly bad timing. Still, I am very happy with my result and how I rode and felt.  Next mtb races include the Hoo-Ha, Windham NMBS (maybe), and Mt Snow nationals.  In case anyone really cared.

Today I rewarded my tired legs with punishing them on the Goon ride. Legs no-happy with me.

Time to look forward to some dirt of another sort at Poolesville road race this Saturday.

Nice shot of my mud treatment (from Jay Divinagracia)


~ by Indy on April 29, 2008.

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