too much stuff to go over in multiple postings so here is a recap:

Charlottesville – Kim and I went down to stay at a cool old B&B. She was off for Seattle on Monday (last week) for 2 weeks and I was heading to Boston. For the month of April we’ll see each other for about a total of 6 days – that sucks. So we decided to do a little getaway. C’ville is a nice town and we stayed in the historic part. Hit the South Street brewery, bought a growler, went back to the B&B for happy hour wine and cheese, then on to dinner at Bang (tapas) and more drinks. We got drunk. I got gelato at Splendora after and lost my camera. (Turns out a homeless guy tried to sell it back to them the next day.) All in all, tons of fun.

Boston – last week. Stayed with Josef, Sam, and Charlotte (their 1 year old daughter). Hit D&D, a mainstay in the northeast, multiple times. AAG conference was good. My work went over well and I made some potential contacts for collaboration. Josef and I stayed up each night talking shop and drinking beers until midnight.

Friday night – came home, road a silly fast pace with Braveheart and then went out for drinks with him after. We visited some Spaniards. The Spanish coalition (not sure exactly where everyone was from) was very welcoming and we ate some great salsa and chorizo, steak, and had wine and beer. The Scotsman and I then headed to RFD to drink more beer with his lazy teammates. A very nice time with folks I didn’t know, but were all very friendly.

Saturday – road the mountain bike at Greenbrier in prep for this Sunday’s race (AMBC and Maryland State Champs). Felt good. The weather was beautiful and the bike road like it had an engine. The thing climbs like a billy-goat.

Saturday evening was deck drinking (and eating) at the WROBs. Fife-dawg, Cliff-rock, Ben, Ian, and significant others, were in effect. I stayed late, drank too much beer and Jameson and ate too many sugary baked goods. Basically, it was good night.

Carl Dolan – Sunday, and the weather had turned suddenly angry. Did I say something? It poured for about 30 minutes before go time and didn’t look very good for us unpaid, overrated (in our minds) amateur cat 3 and 4s. The skies forgave us and parted for racing. The race was active with multiple teams showing big squads. This is cool because it means things should take on, at least in appearance, some semblence of team racing. Some Artemis guys were still chasing down breaks even though they had teammates in them, but most teams had their shit together. Route 1 Velo was getting road side instructions from the now upgraded (to cat 2) Mike Esmonde. Unfortunately, with 5 laps to go there was a bad crash. I later found out that teammate Mike Schneider, among others, was involved (A/C joint separation I think). They stopped the race for about 30 minutes and we all RODE around in small circles. It gave teams with foresight, which was most, time to discuss and plan their strategy. Ours worked – we killed it over the last few laps and had a great leadout train going. I punched it with 1 to go and when I pulled off and saw the front of the pack going through the final turn I was grinning ear-to-ear. We had 5 guys (Fife, Cliff, Ian, Todd, and Robb) up front drilling it with Josh in tow. Josh took the W by at least 2 bike lengths – check it out here in Kyle’s video (near the bottom, if you wait (a long time) to the end of the video you’ll see about 4 Bike Doctor guys (pimping new team kits in black and one shoots his fist in the air when he hears we won. I think that was Fife or Ian). So the plan worked, which is rare in racing.  Especially cat 3 racing. It felt good – like each one of us had won.

Monday – easy day with some beer in the evening. Catch up on work, do some writing to get this new research published. Cook, eat, drink, sleep.

Today – “race winning intervals” (see Hunter Allen) in the early light before work. Felt like crap. Maybe I need to drink a few beers before. Worked on number crunching and writing and the weather actually got nice again. Good thing because my carpentry skills suck and the Arc I was building was barely pond, let alone sea, worthy. Decided to punish myself for weak RWIs this morning by jumping in the Goon ride this evening. It can be hectic, but the pace is always blistering and I usually walk away feeling both worked over and at the same time satisfied. Back home – drank 2 beers (maybe I’ll have another) to recover.


~ by Indy on April 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “recap”

  1. Dude, I am jealous that you drink so much(more than me) and stay so freaking thin. On two laps to go I was riding near some of your team mates and I was thinking this team looks organized and I should sit on. But I pussed out when an artemis guys rear wheel skidded out a bit and I thought he was going down in the turn with 2 to go. I do not know who it was on your team but they did not flinch on that one and just rode up the pack. I should have just kept riding on your teams wheel to get a decent placing.

    You looked good out there. I think your team jerseys are pretty cool looking. I just do not know how you will feel about them in the summer.

  2. OK, that was me chasing down the break with Artemis guys in it. But it wasn’t “guys” – it was one guy in a break of about 15 people. I wasn’t crazy about those odds. And I wasn’t actually chasing it down as much as making a feeble attempt to bridge. As soon as I saw I didn’t have a gap i sat up. (But I probably would have done that pretty soon anyway on account of I was really tired.)

    Agreed though – certainly the hint of team racing throughout. Fun stuff.

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