Off to Boston tomorrow for the AAG conference. Poster presentation, which may be better than a talk since you can stand around and talk shop about your research for 2 hours rather than the 15 minutes you get during an oral presentation. Title: Estimating Biomass Burning Organic and Black Carbon Particulate Matter Emissions Using Fire Radiative Power. I know, exciting. Same/similar title as last year, but much more (and much improved) data and results.

I am still sick. Sort of. It may actually only be allergies now, but I still feel like crap. 4 weeks of this. Needless to say, my cycling, and thus training, has gone in the crapper. Add in this conference and the forward prep time for it and I am going to be a train wreck for sometime to come.

For your viewing pleasure…

AAG poster


~ by Indy on April 15, 2008.

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  1. […] Hit D&D, a mainstay in the northeast, multiple times.  AAG conference was good.  My work went over well and I made some potential contacts for collaboration.  Josef and I stayed up each […]

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