I just had some woman enter my office through a door to the outside I had propped open to allow in some fresh air.  She first made note that the fashion in which it was propped could lead to a fall and broken neck.  “Thanks for noticing that, but this isn’t an entrance – let alone the main entrance to the building”.  She replied that she knew that, which led me to wonder why, then, would you enter a random office if it wasn’t the entrance to the one you’re looking for (by the way, she was looking for a physical therapist – which you can imagine my office doesn’t look like.  There is my bicycle, but that’s about it when it comes to physical activity machinery).  Why?  Because I am an IDIOT, she replied.  Well, actually she didn’t – I just filled in the blanks as she proceeded to explain how confused she was by our building layout.  I kindly detailed the mystifying route, secret decoding password necessary, and locations to watch for angry trolls on her way to Xanadu.  Just go back out the door, hang a right around the outside of the building, and the door is outside as you wind around.  She protested that she had tried that, and if only she could explain how confusing her original instructions were that maybe I’d understand.  “Well, if I had time to listen to your wonderful story, and I am sure it is an amazing tale of deceit and lies, I would, but if you follow my simple 3 step plan I am sure you’ll find your doctor”.  I am paraphrasing of course because this conservation was much longer and more annoying than I care to recount.

Idiots – surrounded by ’em and leave a crack in the door and they’ll pour in like cockroaches.


~ by Indy on April 11, 2008.

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