American Acquiesces

After 2400 flights have been canceled since Tuesday it was without much surprise that I found myself on hold waiting for a representative for over 30 minutes.  I finally gave up and submitted an email which I assumed would go unanswered.  My request was to change my upcoming flight to Boston for a conference and try and do it with as little financial penalty as possible.  I figured maybe I could fly standby.

To my amazement an American Airlines rep. replied and informed me standby was only for same day changes (I wanted to move my flight by a few days) and therefore a fee would be involved, as well as the price difference.  But alas, she would – this one time – make the change for free.  Boo-ya!

Guess their woe is my gain.  They are bending over backwards to please customers, a strange phenonomon these days, and one I greatly appreciate.

In cycling related news, this article by Will Frischkorn pretty much sums up the damage spring can do to cyclists.  I fall into the sick category and too stupid to know when to rest.  However, age does bring some wisdom with the wrinkles and I have backed off my training in an effort to finally break this beast of a cold.  Tonight I will paint my face half blue, don a kilt, and arm myself with Vicks vapor rub.


~ by Indy on April 10, 2008.

One Response to “American Acquiesces”

  1. Thaat article was very much written w/you in mind! I guess cyclists are all of one mind…driven. I’m sure Kim was impressed with that kilt!

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