Late Day trivia

I am sitting at my desk with my PC bogged down running a GIS process and my laptop churning away through some IDL code so what better time to catch on my daily peloton.  Anyone see what’s wrong with the caption for this picture?  First correct answer gets a first class ticket to Milan to watch this race.



~ by Indy on March 19, 2008.

5 Responses to “Late Day trivia”

  1. no helmet! good for them

  2. That can’t be 2007…no helmets

  3. damn beat to the punch. clearly not 2007 no helmets…


  4. Ummmm…who said it was shot in 2007? Still don’t know the problem. The caption reads: ‘The Milan-San Remo peloton in the care-free past.’ I see no ‘2007.’ Do I win a ticket?

  5. JFW – you tool. You’re clearly so far behind in the race that VN has had time to update their website. Better luck hunting next time.

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