Must Be Spring

I feel like I have a tapeworm (check the link out – crazy!). I am eating every hour on the half-hour. Tuna on a bagel. Cottage Cheese with blackberries. PB&J on wheat. Apple and PB. Dark Chocolate. Salad. left-over Chicken-Artichoke Pasta. And I am due for another feeding in 24 minutes. I’m like a 2 week old baby.

This is my own March Madness. I am behind the curve on training intensity as my goals are a bit later in the season, but still, changing over from base to heavy building requires higher IF loads and elicits more pain. Which in turn requires more fuel. Thus my Bull shark appetite.

And…I’m losing weight. Down 3 pounds in the last month. Much of that is probably because I’ve mostly stopped lifting (not all together as I am still doing a day of maintenance). – Hey, and this proves it! Yahoo knows everything after all.

Another sign of spring – the bike paths are chock-full of retards. I’ve been bike commuting pretty regularly – nearly every day for several months – and the paths have been mostly mine. Who else, except for other commuters, die-hard runners/walkers, and whack jobs are going to be out at O’dark zero in 28 degrees? Now though, I deal with morons, especially riding home. And I got some attitude last night from people. I wasn’t going fast at all. For example two women were walking abreast, taking up the width of the path, one lady is pushing a baby carriage. Neither says or does anything to move, but I got the stink-eye from both as I was forced to squeeze between them at 1.7mph. Another woman nearly jumped out of her shoes to get out of my way – a totally exaggerate maneuver since I was coming over a bridge and doing 5mph, nearly walking speed. She may really  have been crazy. She then said to slow down – not in a rude way, but more pleading to allow her time to get on “her” side of the path as if I was gonna run her down. Just get the fuck over, pay attention, and stop with the dramatics dipshit. Sorry. I hate people.

If only this world were just me and my tapeworm (nice butt shot).


~ by Indy on March 13, 2008.

One Response to “Must Be Spring”

  1. that there tapeworm link is f’d up, buddy.

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