Works wonders to get some rest. Last week was easy training but busy at work so things sort of evened out. The time off the bike and some easy commuting shot some rejuvenation into my legs and mind though. A little bit of help from this didn’t hurt either…


To be honest, I really haven’t been training that hard, but rest and rum are good together all the same.

So even though it was my off week my legs still felt like crap most every day. I did my first threshold test of the year last Friday and my power was weak. I limped homed ejected from having displayed such weak numbers. Sunday I road the mtb and felt a bit better.

Enter this week and my legs finally feel fresh, so I peppered myself with training buckshot today and things held up. Surprising how it takes (at least in my case) a few days for the body to respond to rest. It was almost like initially I went into the shock having not ridden, but am coming clean now. Good timing as I plan to race the niner at Camp Hilbert on Sunday. Oh, how I will miss Tradezone (smell that?)


~ by Indy on March 4, 2008.

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