Kim and I were discussing how Depeche Mode had some great songs.

Videos…not so much.  What’s best?  The mesh tank top?  The 80s dance sway?  The hair-dos?  Or the stage effects?  Tough call.


~ by Indy on March 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “80s”

  1. actually… i’d give the prize to the big-haired, disinterested audience that look more like they’re sitting around their local pub. ah, that’s my country.

  2. is it just me..or does the lead singer of depeche mode look like micheal bolton from office space? also..the one keyboard player is totally wearing buisness casual while the other keyboard player is weering a mesh tank top. stay consistent!!

    to wrap this up..are you GAY!!?? depeche mode??

  3. Noticing the inconsistency of the bands wardrobe while using the word “Totally” is much gayer. But thanks.

  4. Ah, the 80’s love it – still do – look how young they all were!

  5. I love me some depeche mode

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