Going Bonkers

Second time this week that I road home – rather crawled home – after hitting the wall.  I road in this morning, did some plyometrics to work on my lack of explosive power, and then did micro burst intervals at Greenbelt on the way home.  I ate well all day, but have gotten on this “health” kick.  I generally eat healthy, but also eat like 3 offensive linemen.  I have a reputation (probably like many skinny athletes) for eating larger (and by larger I mean fat) adversaries under the table.  This winter I’ve “bulked” up from doing some lifting.  Miniscule by most standards, but significant for me.  Hopefully this is muscle mass and I will get to my fighting weight by late April, but it got me thinking maybe I eat too much – or at least eat too much of the wrong crap.  Sometimes I can’t ignore the sirens of the carmel chocolate chip scone at the Bucks.

So, maybe my bonking is attributable to changing dietary intake.  Maybe it was the freezing cold 30mph headwind I had to battle for 45 minutes that left me nearly hypothermic.  Whatever it is, it sucks to feel that feeble when you’re just trying to get home.


~ by Indy on February 27, 2008.

One Response to “Going Bonkers”

  1. easy on the refined sugars, cowboy, especially if you’re not straight off the bike (or on it).

    let me know if you have questions on this. hmmm… blog post on bonking. I’ll get my team on that.

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