Concrete Shoes

I’ve got a saddle sore with it’s own zip code and my legs are double-churned. Riding today was rather pathetic as a result. The last couple of weeks have seen me breaking my legs down doing big gear work, debilitating intervals on the trainer, skiing, squats, and plyometric ridiculousness. Saturday’s crappy morning conditions put me in the kitchen making waffles – then on the trainer. A good combo of stuffing myself only to try and get b-fast back up for another taste. 60 minutes of suffering through intervals designed for mountain bike racing (more on that later). The gist was a pyramid (5-4-3-2-1 minutes of 30″ max/30″ moderate) then 5×2 minute max efforts. I haven’t done this kind of work since the fall and it showed. I basically just rolled myself off the bike at the end due to exhaustion. My legs were so fried I decided to go out later in the day and spin them out. Not sure if that was smart, but I thought it might help relieve the aching.

Yesterday was Tradezone. First race (road, I did some cross racing in the fall) back since my infamous Altoona experience. Long story short, it was aggressive and painful (for me, at least). Everyone taking shots across the bow. I tried some hopeless attacks and even got some good power on one, which was encouraging given how fried I felt. But given matches come in a limited supply box, I ran out about 3/4 way through. My legs were so heavy I thought my rear brake was rubbing. Anyone who has hit that wall knows the feeling…”something must be wrong with my bike because certainly I couldn’t be pushing this hard and going nowhere”. I even opened my rear brake mid-race…it didn’t help. The proverbial fork was firmly planted in my quads. Once home, I took an epsom salts bath like some 80 year old with constipation.

So, the “easy” commute in today wasn’t so “easy”. Being stupid, I did some leg presses and Bulgarian split squats just to make sure every muscle was truly dead – like that last pistol shot to the head the mob guys like.

In other news – my season goals have been swirling in my head and a return to my roots is just what I need to get out of road racing funk. So…instead of Walkersville and Tyson’s I am heading out to sunny Arizona to visit my Mum and race the NOVA nationals mountain bike stage race. I’m also planning on doing Greenbrier, Hoo-Ha, and Windham. They’re all apart of the national calendar and my plan is to upgrade to semi-pro by the end of the season. I had enough points a few years back when I took some top 5’s at Greenbrier and some MASS races, but just didn’t make it happen. Now I’ve got some new goals for this year.

My new race rig is ordered…



~ by Indy on February 25, 2008.

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