New Hampsha

Skiing was a blast. Conditions were better than I expected with loose granular, some steeps, and even some sketchy glades. We hit Mt Sunapee on Saturday and then Okemo on Sunday. In hind sight, though the greater availability of terrain at Okemo was nice, I would have just assumed stayed at Sunapee. Given it was a holiday weekend, Okemo was crowded – with lots of retaaards. It was still a ton of fun. By the end of the day we were just bombing runs as fast as our noodle-like legs would allow. Monday was a bust. It rained and was warm. Matt, Sonja, Judd and I got out for a hike at a nearby preserve and strayed out onto Lake Sunapee.

The lobsta dinner and abundance of good beer (Joe and Matt brought their home brew) made for a satisfying weekend.


This was poached from Joe’s flickr collection – Great shot. More here.

My camera sucks. Or rather the battery does. And like my Washington ski trip a month ago, the battery dies after a few shots in the cold. This is about the best I have to offer…

the-hamspha-house.jpg matt_judd_joe.jpg matt-and-the-lake.jpg

matt-and-judd-on-the-lake.jpg matt-and-sonja-at-mt-sunapee.jpg judd-and-sonja-makin-out.jpg


~ by Indy on February 20, 2008.

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