Weather People

When speaking with my family (Mom and siblings) the weather is usually near the forefront of our topics to discuss. My wife likes to chastise me (us) about this – how it is so unusual that the weather always comes up in our conversation. “So how is the weather?”. “Its really cold here and starting to snow, what’s it doing down where you are?”. You get the idea. Well maybe we should have gone into meteorology, but I think it stems from the fact that we are outdoor people and therefore the weather plays a big component of our lives. I’d postulate it is a critical part of our well being, both mentally and physically.

I know I am geeked out about the weather…I have a weather .kml plugged into my Google Earth….


I notice the wind patterns at work using the stars and stripes outside my window. This is a factor in my day. Our local DC metro weather usually comes from the west and winds give me some help on my way in the morning and obstruct me in the evening…sometimes to the point of frustration. So today when I noticed the winds had shifted and were coming from the east I immediately went to the doppler to see what was going on. This sort of cyclonic weather tends to bring nasty conditions – and often produces the smell of sea salt in the air as it picks up moisture off the Atlantic and the Bay. Not surprising then to see the rain freezing on the sidewalk, cars, street, etc. As it warms coming off the ocean and hits the cold surface – blamo…ice. So, commute home should be a “pucker”.

Yes, weather is important to me and my dorky family. Sister bikes/hikes/photo, Brother surfs, Mom golfs/hikes/parties (she’s retired and that’s apparently what you do when retired – can’t wait).


~ by Indy on February 12, 2008.

One Response to “Weather People”

  1. ICE? Hate ice! Glad I no longer have to scrape if from window of car and then glide through STOP signs enroute home from work. Hopefully you did not bike to campus this AM and that City has sent out workers to spread some salt before your commute home. As for me…well 77 is expected today. Sunshine and beautiful!!

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