Your Delegates At Work

So I received a forwarded-email about a new Maryland House of Delegates bill (HB143) that advocates creating more bike lanes, designating cyclists as having the right of way, and my favorites – defining how to pass a cyclist while driving your car and Article 21-1209(b) which states “A person may not throw any object at or in the direction of any person riding a bicycle…”. Do we really need to define this? Is this to say, as it stands now, drivers can just huck shit at me while I am riding my bike?

In any case…I was instructed by the said forwarded email to write my representative. I’ve gotten this kind of enouragement in the past, but rarely act on it. Mostly because I am naive and don’t know who my representatives are. But, alas, this email had a great link that can tell you all you need to know (if you live in Maryland).

So I found my local House Delegates and sent each an email not expecting much. Well, one actually responded within 24 hours. My local delegate Heather Mizeur said she was not yet aware this bill (it’s still in the Environmental Matters subcommittee which she is not a member of), but would review it when it hits the floor. She also said her aide in Annapolis is an avid cyclist and an advocate for improving Maryland cycling. She’s gotten her ear-full of the debate on carbon vs. aluminum vs. steel and the crappy behavior of drivers. Her email was sincere and encouraging.

Maybe this politico stuff can actually make a difference. At least now when this bill hits the floor it won’t be her first time hearing about it and she will have some input from one of her constituents. I feel uber importento.

Speaking of politics, I’ve been following the Presidential candidacy campaign a bit closer than years past. Perhaps because we were handed a shitbag of lies these past 2 terms and I want to at least have a clue of what to expect over the next 4 coming years. My Mom sent me this link which helps a bit with deciding which candidate you best align with. I was a bit surprised, maybe not too much though, that Obama was my #1. I like McCain too, but he is 4th on my list. Clinton was 2nd, but after 2 decades of Bush-Clinton politics I am done with them. Check it out…


~ by Indy on January 31, 2008.

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