On Saturday we woke to rain. It started pouring around 11am and we decided a retreat for higher ground expecting it would likely yield powder. We were not disappointed. About 20 minutes east of Jaisve and Autumn’s place in Snoqualmie we reached snow level – 1500 feet. Kim, Jaisve, Autumn, Bear, and myself set out for some snowshoeing in perfect conditions as we blazed fresh tracks. I really dig the Seattle area. Drive an hour east of rainy downtown during the winter and you can hit snow.

kb_jaisve_autumn.jpg ss.jpg autumn.jpg

bear.jpg sky_view.jpg

Sounds just about right to me.



~ by Indy on January 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Snowshoeing”

  1. That looks nice. have fun.

    PS: Don’t look now. Giants in Super Bowl.

  2. Seriously, that looks incredible. I’m infinitely jealous.

    And really, weren’t we just making fun of you and your Giants in Josef’s living room before cross-nats last year?

    Enjoy it!

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