More Crystal

Some more pix from Crystal Mtn. Skied with my buddy Autumn and his friend Mark on Friday. My legs were destroyed from getting reacquainted with the slopes on Thursday.  My expectations of holding my own were low, but unfortunately they both had plans for me and dragged me around the mountain. I protested when Mark decided to hike up towards “The Throne” above Campbell Basin and drop in off a cornice. “Hike”. “drop in”. “Cornice”. All sounded like a one-way ticket to the hospital. Self preservation saved the day. The rest of the time saw me struggle with steeps and choppy powder just to stay within sight of them. Its good to be pushed by better skiers. When I lived in Flagstaff and skied Snowbowl I went up with guys that were much better than me. It helped me improve. Sometimes it made me crash. But it was always fun. Sometimes, though, you just want to cruise and feel like you can do something right.  Skiing the corduroy fits the bill…

clouds-moving-in.jpg 157_5701.jpg backside.jpg

My best crash of the day, rather weekend, came when we left the Moosesnort Lodge after finishing our day with several beers. We tried to “ski” back to the car. I hit the deck going about 1.5 mph when my skis hit a gravel patch. I landed hard (slow motion crashes are the worst) and wrenched my knee and ankle. I really thought I tore something in my knee. It still is unstable and sore, but I think its just sprained. I hope. That’s not a “war story” worthy of repeating.


~ by Indy on January 21, 2008.

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