Giants going to the NFC Champs. They didn’t look that good yesterday, except for the special teams. Then in the 2nd half the front line started getting to Romo. Interesting development since you often hear about the D getting tired as the game progresses. It seemed like that would be the case until the 3rd quarter and then it looked like the Dallas front line fell apart. They couldn’t make holes for Barber to run and allowed penetration – Romo ending up on his ass, a lot. They nearly caused some heartache for me, but the G-men pulled it off. Sweet!

Road the rig at Rosaryville again yesterday with The Todd. By the way Todd, that’s your new nick name. This time we were able to ride most of the technical log rides, on the inner loop…so we don’t suck too bad.

Then went to Jed Prentice’s b-day party. Guy’s 40 years old and looking to upgrade to pro on the mountain bike. I hope I’m going that fast at 40.

Road to work in the rain today (again) and this time was handed a flat. Not Sweet! For a few minutes, as I searched for my CO2 deep in my bag, it looked like I was walking the final 2-odd miles. Alas, the CO2 was buried in my headlamp bag. Phew.

Kim was off to the airport for Seattle this morning at 5:30am. I will be out there Wednesday evening. I can’t wait. I really like the Seattle area, am looking forward to seeing our friends in Snoqualmie, and going skiing. Last check at Crystal Mountain – 10 feet of snow in the last 2 weeks. I’ve got my fat boards ready.


~ by Indy on January 14, 2008.

One Response to “Random”

  1. I am without a doubt enormously jealous. I can’t wait to finish this PhD business and move back. Have fun! Go to Baker!

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