Move to Portland

A city that embraces and invests money in the cycling community. #1 city in the US in terms of per capita cycling commuters. Only 2nd to Amsterdam in the world – and that place is ridiculous in terms of cyclists ruling the roads.

Many may have read this article (I found it via VN) about two cyclists killed in Portland and the response of the city to install “bike boxes”. Apparently the most common accident, including these 2 incidents last week, were as a result of “hookers” or “right hook” collisions. No, no one was caught staring at hookers and accidentally lost control (driver or cyclist). It’s the term used when a driver makes a right turn in front of a cyclist, cutting them off, and in the incidents above, running them over.

Anyone riding in DC knows all to well that using your turn signal while driving is something that driver’s avoid. Between operating their cell phone (or better, texting), sipping that double soy-chai-double-mocha-ass syrup-latte, and adjusting the radio, there just isn’t a hand free for that nuisance of lever on the steering wheel. So, like many of you (cyclists) I trust 0.1% of the drivers to do the right thing. Judd got tagged near the zoo a few years back by a hooker. This retard made a right into the zoo parking lot off Connecticut Ave. and he slammed into the passenger side of her car. Now, wouldn’t you think that the cyclist you just passed is going to have some difficulty navigating your car when you turn in front of them in about 10 feet – without using a signal? If my memory serves me correctly, this bitch lied and said she used her signal and called him out for damaging her car! If you know Judd he is anal retentive and uber-safe as they come (this was his xmas present from Kim and I). No way he didn’t see her signal and inadvertently t-boned her. Point is, drivers don’t see us and then lie when they do the wrong thing. Actually, most people, not just drivers, lie when caught. That’s why I like dogs more than people. Effed up, I know, but it’s true. Another example…It’s not uncommon for me to yell at drivers on Piney Branch (across Georgia Ave., heading north) to get out of the bike lane. They find this lane to be perfectly suited to make up 4,5,10 car places by passing in the right “lane”, especially during rush hour, when in fact this is a parking lane and a clearly painted, designated bike lane.

So – doubtful I will reach any non-cyclist drivers who give 2 shits, but my message is pay a little more attention to your driving and a little less to you. Oh, and if you pass a cyclist, then need to make a right turn, remember we don’t vanish after you pass us. This isn’t a video game or something. You’re going to run us over. I don’t know how those drivers in Portland could say they didn’t see the cyclists. Lie?  Of course you didn’t see them when they were under your wheels, but you probably passed them about 100 feet back. Remember that fool in spandex riding in the rain to work? And to cyclists – don’t be idiots and fly through intersections passing slowed/stopped traffic, because sooner or later they’ll get you.

Hope others enjoyed riding in the pissing rain this morning as much as I did.  One saving grace – my DeFeet Woolie Boolie socks.  Wet, but warm.


~ by Indy on January 11, 2008.

One Response to “Move to Portland”

  1. Guess my accident a few years ago left a mark on you AND me. Heck the scar on my left hand reminds me of it every day. Better than the girl (can’t credit her with being a woman, as she was 17 or 18 years old) claiming she signaled, she actually claimed (to me and Officer Fauntenroy) the traffic light showed a RIGHT TURN ARROW! What?!? No such thing, sweet lips. The police officer and I walked with her to the traffic signal and showed her the lights. No such thing as a right turn arrow. Left turn arrows exist (and not on the signal in question), but I ain’t ever seen no right turn arrow. And you’re correct. She didn’t signal. She didn’t think she needed to ’cause she had the right turn arrow!! Despite the clear evidence she was in the wrong, her po-dunk insurance company fought hard for her and brushed me off. I never saw any reimbursement for damages. Disgusting. I think I even had a police report, as the accident was when DC police actually wrote reports for traffic accidents not involving ambulances. In retrospect, I should’ve called an ambulance. Kicker was, I was going down to Florida later that day and didn’t want to miss my flight. Anyhow…drivers should drive better. Punct.

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