New Year’s and crap

Partied like it was 2007. In other words, I didn’t get too shitty. Had a great time over at Matt & Katie’s. JoFo broke out some Troeg’s holiday beer which was sweet. Here’s a pic of him tilting it up…


Matt getting some… and Kim looking on intently… Judd looking like he’s had too many – Matt looking concerned

matt.jpg of50294442.jpg judd-and-matt.jpg

The next day Kim and I went hiking at Patapsco State Park – Avalon Section. It was nice – a bit blustery, but sunny. We hiked some trails I’ve never ridden which was cool since it was new to me and I wasn’t thinking of how I would ride each line if only I had my mountain bike. This is a flaw of all mountain bikers. Hiking is never the same. Every turn, log, berm, rock, etc. is evaluated in terms of how you would approach it if you were on your bike and not slowed by your current state – walking. Its sad, but true. In the end, I still made these whimsical interpretations anyway, but not with the same familiarity had we hiked something I’ve ridden a million times. Some pix… Saying goodbye to 2007…I am so arty it makes my beret hurt

156_5661_r1.jpg 156_5657_r1.jpg 156_5656_r1.jpg 156_5665_r1.jpg


~ by Indy on January 3, 2008.

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