Crazy Times

After NY Kim and I went down to see the NC family. My Mom had been visiting already for 10 days and we showed up to some small-scale chaos. Here’s the scenario: 2 month old baby. 18 month old baby…now walking and discovering sharp and/or eatable objects. Sounds like we showed up at the Spear’s house. Babies everywhere. Then there is my brother and sister-in-law. Both sane, but quickly losing their edge. Throw in 2 Mother’s. Mine/Gordon’s and Sarah’s. And top it off with 2 squirrel crazed dogs and an asthmatic cat. A zoo! Literally and Figuratively.

Gordon, Mom, and I go golfing on Thursday a few hours after we arrived from the 6 hour DC to Wilmington, NC voyage. It went well with a small degree of hacking and even less squabbling about our piss poor play. Actually, Gordon and my Mom were hitting it well. Except for the last hole when Gordon decided playing tennis back and forth across the fairway was more fun than hitting it straight for the pin. It was a nice volley he had going.

Friday morning and things changed radically. Gordon is getting ready to head to work. Kim and I are having breakfast. Sarah is attending to the littlest one. My Mom watching over McKenna. The dogs start whining and then shouts of “oh my god, oh my god” from my Mom rip threw the morning coffee haze. We all thought something terrible had happened. And in a way, something had. Across the lawn comes the Connecticut clan. My Sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and niece. 11.5 hours of overnight driving and the lunactics from the narf-land were about to board our merry 3 day voyage. The weekend was never the same. Here’s some pix from go-cart racing – I had the crappiest car ever and got lapped. Sean was restrained this time and wasn’t ejected like his past experiences for “aggressive” racing. We got the young’ns involved too.

heather-skyler.jpg crazed-sean.jpg

slow-poke.jpg g-and-conor.jpg

Then lazer tag…pix from the “Vesting Platform”
conor.jpg kim.jpg

Then getting schooled at Dance-Dance Revolution. How lame am I? Losing badly…notice the sweat on my face (and ass) – much of which was from running around like a 10 year old on a skittles high while playing lazer tag. Also notice how Conor’s screen says “Perfect”. My should have read “Gimpy Ass Clown”.

dance-off.jpg getn-skooled.jpg getn-skooled-part-2.jpg


~ by Indy on January 2, 2008.

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