my quads are blown. i took my skinny frame to the gym last night to do some rehab on my shoulder and start some winter x-training. this includes core work and some specific lifting. i was smart enough in my old age to not push around the weight – everything I did was without weight (i.e. just the bar) or very minimal if it was cable actuated (seated row). well, even with this precaution my legs got devastated. I did 2 sets of 20 reps of hack squats. By the 3rd set I knew I shouldn’t continue…my legs were screaming for mercy. Skinny+Lifting = PAIN. Time to order my andro.

Robb asked what bike I was getting for next year. Well the cat is out – here’s my new race rig for 2008 – you suckas are gonna get dusted…



~ by Indy on December 11, 2007.

One Response to “training”

  1. You should try Romanian Split Squats with shoulder press. Hardest freaking workout I have ever done. Takes a lot of coordination. It is like a lunge but with your back foot raised on a bench. And when you reach the bottom of the squat you shoulder press the weight(dumbbells). Not heavy but exhaustive work out.

    You should add some streamers to that rocket you are getting.

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