it was cold this morning. my 10 minute micro-burst effort was weak and I’ll blame that on the cold. hopefully that is the last micro interval I will do for a while.

cops suck. not all…but many. nearly was run over by a DC cop on his cell phone! Cell phone…In his hand…In DC. Cop. No wonder hands-free-DC is a fucking joke.

I nearly get hit every morning by some ass-clown on his or her cell phone. Not that a blue-toof makes things much better, but it helps. Or maybe it helps me cope with the near-fatality because at least the driver is semi-law abiding. I had some jerk off yesterday in a BMW do the ole’ stop sign blow through. He just rolled through with the car ahead of him. As if his stop was by association with the car in front of him. I proceeded to make my left turn and he just kept rolling straight at me. He was leaning over into the console of his beamer, cell phone tucked into his face, and he gave me a dismissive look. As if to say, “come on, you’re on a bike. go f-yourself”.

I am trying to control my temper, but cops, asshole drivers, bus drivers (that discussion is for another time – I hate those son-of-a-bitches), and the list goes on.

Ok…better now. Thanks for listening. If you’re a cop, a bus driver, an asshole…I apologize. You’re probably one of the considerate ones, I’m sure.


~ by Indy on November 30, 2007.

One Response to “vent”

  1. Yeah brother. I feel your pain. Lets start a vigilante cycling gang that roams the streets of dc setting things right. Harnessing our anger to do good. We would have to have a calling card like batman. Maybe chain-ring marks. I get pissed just as much as you and have to watch myself. I come so close to chasing people down and getting into a confrontation at times, luckily I have held back.

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