seasons nearly over. phew.

For Sunday’s race I had hoped for a good build up, but last week I jacked up my back and this week I – well, like everyone else, I may have over did the eating and drinking. Come Saturday I was starting to feel run down.

The race still went well. Sort of. The weather was cool and sunny. Lots of folks raced – which was great because the preregistration list was looking pretty bare by Friday. And the course was pretty sweet. It flowed well. Was twisty. Had some power sections. Etc…

I cheered the killer-Bs. Young Morgan had a good race. Woody played his cards right and took the lead late in the race for the win. Kyle raced strong and moved up throughout the 45 minutes to take 6th. Fife was racing well until he was taken out (unintentionally) on the steep and slick hill. He regained his composure, but didn’t get his position back. Judd road steady and duked it out with about 4 or 5 other guys, eventually crossing in 19th.

taylor-fife-gerlak.jpg woody-chasing.jpg kyle-flexin.jpg judd-smiling.jpg

In my race I got a good start in the mixed Elite/Masters Elite race and was suffering nicely. I started to fade midway through the race. Feeling the tryptophan drip kicking in. I was settled in 8th for a while and could see Todd Hesel chasing, but not gaining. With 4 to go I was going backwards and the gap suddenly evaporated. Todd was on me. With two to go his HVB teammate, Chris Newell, came charging by. 10th – and that’s how I finished. No complaints or excuses. Its been a long year and this cross stuff was wasn’t very well prepared for. I still feel competitive and enjoy the pain and drool. But I am ready to not worry about training and racing for at least a few months.

The Turtle in pursuit. Me runnin’ scared.

the-turtle.jpg me-dropping-in.jpg


~ by Indy on November 27, 2007.

One Response to “MABRA”

  1. Don’t sell yourself short. Results put you 9th. You broke the top ten. Better than I can claim!

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