Sean’s 40th

After Mercer Cup I continued naarth. Picked up Kim on SI. (She’d flown in from another business trip to Seattle Friday night and was at her parent’s). We picked up some bagels and headed for New Paltz. Esopus actually, but NP is the closest “big” town. I really miss this area – the Catskills. Its been over a decade since I’ve been here and over 12 since my Sister and Sean lived here. It has great hiking, climbing, biking, etc. We celebrated Sean’s (and a friend, Mike’s) 40th at their friend’s (Rachel and Tony) place. I got my arse handed to me in foosball. Played wizard games with the the little grommets. Drank a bunch of good beer. And had a great time seeing everyone. Next day Kim and I hit up New Paltz to have some java and just reminisce some. This place was one of our first dates. I took her snowshoeing along the aqueduct north of NP – that was in 1994. Wow.

Pix…Cake time and the kids looking focused; Sean preparing his and Mike’s cake (l to r: Sean, Rachel, Tony, Mike); my niece, Skyler, stuffing her face…and the outcome of too much sugar. Poor child.

154_5496.jpg 154_5499_r1.jpg 155_5510.jpg 155_5512_r1.jpg


~ by Indy on November 22, 2007.

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