Race Pace

Traveled to Sykesville, MD yesterday for stop #6 of the MABRA cross series. The course was fast and mostly non-technical. Of course my rear tired argued otherwise as I did my best power-skid every time I came down the one steep, grassy hill. Too much tire pressure? The race was fun though. My legs were kind of junk coming into this weekend, but its all part of a grand plan I have to insure I can consume a third of my own body weight in turkey and booze come T-day. The race started with the MABRA combined field dealio. The As and Masters Elite together. So our field had about 25-27 guys which added some good group racing. I managed to stay close enough to the front to be in the 2nd group. After several laps there were 4 of us in this chase group. Two (Greg and Sean) from HVB, Masters ace Bernie from LSV, and me. We did laps together, but never worked together – which sucked because we were closing the gap to the front 4 (5 until Todd – also from HVB – flatted). Perhaps because Todd was in the first group Greg and Sean didn’t want to close the gap down. Perhaps they thought the team tactic card should be played and they would work Bernie and me over. Either way, it didn’t work out well for HVB. Todd, as I mentioned, flatted out of the race. Sean eventually put in one too many viscous attacks and popped himself from our group. And Greg and I got dropped by a smart and conservative masters racer (Bernie) who attacked with a half lap to go. That is the beauty of racing – sometimes nothing works and sometimes nothing works (catch my drift).

5 or 6 to go and I was suffering – my legs were cramping and my power seemed shot. I gave one last effort with about 1.5 laps left and tried to pull away, but my effort was half assed. I don’t know if I ever got a gap. I had tunnel vision. With 0.5 to go Bernie attacked on the steep climb and then Greg went around me too. That was all she wrote. I am sort of pissed at myself for not trying harder – but that’s always easy to say after the fact.

It was fun drooling on myself again and finishing 7th. Same as DCCX.


~ by Indy on November 12, 2007.

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