2000 miles

In 6 months only 2000 miles on the ole’ Toyota Pickup 4-banger.  She is getting up there in age – now 15 years old.  As a result, she had a blow out of sorts back in April on the way home from Tour of Ephrata.  I was actually heading for my Sister’s in CT when a loud bang erupted from the engine.  The next noise was something hitting the underbelly of the truck.  I thought I had run over something and it popped up and smashed my muffler.  This is half-true.  The engine was now running really loud and sort of rough.  (It runs pretty rough anyway – she’s an old tired bitch).  Turns out the exhaust manifold regurgitated a mounting bolt.  This rattled around the engine compartment and spit out underneath, taking a nice whack at my muffler on the way out the back.  The open-bolt-hole was spewing hot air and lots of engine noise that would have otherwise been silent behind the bolt.  Long story short…I replaced the muffler, but was skeptical of my skills to deal with the bolt issue.  I spoke with my local mechanic who told me it wasn’t a major issue, but would just be loud.  He asked if I really wanted to drop some $ to fix it given her age.  I opted not to do anything but use it less.  So I’ve only put on 2K in 6 months.  I don’t think that deserves a medal, or even a cookie, but its a good start.  I now feel sort of guilty when I drive the short 5 miles to UMD.  At this pace, 4k a year (or even 5k) would mean I could keep her for another 8+ years!  (My goal is 200,000k and I’m at 158k now).  Plus, I fixed that bolt issue this weekend…it was pretty easy, and sort of scary.  See, the other manifold bolts were pretty loose too.  So I pulled one out to measure the size, then realized it wasn’t spewing any exhaust from its hole, so I just put it in the one that was spewing exhaust.  I still need to replace the borrowed bolt – but no noise.  Sweet.

Doesn’t mean I’ll drive more, but when I do its nice to know that you won’t hear me coming from 3 miles away.


~ by Indy on November 12, 2007.

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