I had a 7:50 am dentist appt. this morning. Thing is my dentist is about 45 minutes south of me near the 395-495 interchange. So, since its a haul to get there I usually kill time at the bucks doing work. This morning though I decided to bring the cross bike and ride the trails at Wakefield. I’m not sure why I haven’t done this before. I’ve been without a mountain bike for over a year. (I know – its a crime). So I guess I didn’t see the opportunity. Cross season has apparently allowed me to see outside the box.

It was great. Especially the trails running along the creek which were super tacky, and have those great berms and dips, making for some high speed single-tracking. What a blast. It was another cold start, but the beauty of off-road riding is that the terrain makes you work immediately and warms you up. I am looking forward to getting the single speed 29er ASAP.

Some guys who were riding their 5″ travel bikes were amused and baffled by the wanker riding his “road” bike on the trails. I explained it was a slightly different type of bike, but from their perspective it sure looked the same….not fun. From my perspective, a 5-banger is overkill for Wakefield – its not really that technical. Most trails near DC aren’t. But, to each their own. After all, we’re all having the same fun.


~ by Indy on November 8, 2007.

One Response to “Wakefield”

  1. You’ll have to come out and ride the trails with us this winter. Get back to your roots.


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