Trip rundown: Rome

This is late coming, but I will get around to the highlights…

149_4986.JPG Arrived in the morning and immediately took a nap. Woke in the afternoon and started exploring the city. Best way to get around is the metro and walking. The latter offered the added bonus of stopping randomly to eat and drink – a lot. Best pizza we had was in Rome too. Surprising maybe, but true. Just some hole-in-the-wall joint, but by far better than anywhere else we tried the ‘za. Long and short of it is that Rome was better than I expected (not just b/c of the pizza, though that helped). One of the immediate things I noticed, and had been warned about, was how crazy the drivers are – especially the madmen(women) on scooters and motorcycles. They take any gap in traffic as a means to pass, including driving into on coming traffic at full speed and taking the sidewalk when a gap isn’t available on the road. I was both impressed and shocked by the seemingly ruleless road ethic.

150_5068.JPG The sites were of course great. Climbing to the top of St Peters Basilica in the Vatican offered amazing views of the city and surrounding mountains.

The Colosseum was an incredible behemoth, capable of seating 50,000 people and has been standing for nearly 2000 years. It is also mind boggling to think about the sort of violence that took place. We complain that football is too violent. How about mock sea battles, executions, animal “hunts”, and of course gladiator fights. I heard/read that to inaugurate the Colosseum Titus provided 100 straight days of “games”, where about 2000 gladiators and 9000 animals were killed. Try taking your kid to something like that.

Much our time was spent walking, eating, and drinking. I was beat by the end of each day, but they were full days so it felt rewarding. We also had one of our better dinners in Rome. Again, another little joint down the road from our place near Piazza Lodi. It was a fixed price, 4 course dinner, and the food and service was awesome. Lots of food, wine, and dessert (dolce). Cool part was we were the only non-Italian speaking diners. Luckily, the waiter spoke enough English that with my pitiful Italian we could converse. So it felt “authentic” if you catch my meaning. We probably still stood out as wankers, especially when I tried speaking in Italian. To avoid being viewed as complete toolbags, we told everyone we were from Canada, so we never had any beef. Just kidding, but it did cross my mind.

The world hates us. Been to Ireland (2x), Costa Rica, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, and now Italy in the past 5 years and generally others like us – but they f*ing hate our government and the “beast” which is the U.S.A. Some assume guilt by association. When this happens it is much like family. I can call my brother a douchebag, but if someone else does (not family), they’ll get an ear full of venom or worse – a nice throat chop. So ripping on “Americans” as a whole pisses me off. I mean, we are retarded, but I can say that – I’m American – ergo I’m a retard. Mostly these people are idiots too, cuz they love our culture. We saw so many shows – US tv shows – that were dubbed over for the Italian and German (Bolzano area up north – more later on that) folks. Funny crap. So I guess it is a love-hate thing. Who cares…more wine please.


~ by Indy on October 9, 2007.

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