back in the saddle

Road the cross bike last night…just tempo, but felt ok. This morning, after waking again at 4am and getting out as dawn cracked it’s weary face, I road north on Beach Drive and did micro burst intervals. Nothing like jumping back in the frying pan to motivate the legs. Unfortunately, “motivate” is too kind. It was a shoving match between my brain and body. I’m not certain who won.

To prevent myself from loosing any weight from the Italy trip – I swiftly descended upon starbucks and stuffed a Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin down my gizzard after the ride to UMD. 490 calories of sweet love.

It dawned on me this morning how badly I am going to suffer this weekend – and I will have to pay to do it. Doesn’t really make sense. Sitting at home, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, and moving only as far as the kitchen or bathroom, that makes more sense. It requires less effort and will still allow me to feel (in a sense) similar to how I would after the race…drunk, lungs on fire, and generally like shit. I think I am a bit too stubborn (read: stupid) to fully realize this yet.


~ by Indy on October 3, 2007.

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