Home Coming

Sucks. Sort of…I guess it’s nice to be back to some routine and not living out of a bag. Italy was awesome. The food was great and the wine was easy to put back – in heavy doses. The gelato was good, but overrated (I make some damn good homemade ice cream so my standards are high when it comes to the dolce). This is what too much boozing does…


After eating a nice big lunch and putting back some German beer in Alpe di Siusi

cinque-terra-1.JPG cinque-terra-corniglia.JPG

Like the banner at the top – pics of Cinque Terra


~ by Indy on October 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Home Coming”

  1. The reclining horses remind me of Ireland when you were 11 and enamored with them, not the beer.

  2. those horses are scarred for life.

  3. […] Toona. After the forced break I was back to training and feeling good again. Then came another interruption – albeit, an intended one. And any opportunity to travel, relax, and generally eat and drink too […]

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