I have been up in Connecticut this past week for weddings and upcoming engagement parties.  I’ve had a chance to ride outside several times now and really happy with the way my brokenness is healing.  Other than getting out of the saddle, most efforts don’t bother me – well they bother my heart, lungs, and legs – but not so much the shoulder area.

Last night I visited my friends Jordan and Nyla and their 2 year old – Jacob.  It was nice to spend time with them and see how much Jacob has developed since I last saw him – July 4th last year.  In keeping with my training regiment we bought about 7 different six packs – from Anchor Brown to Dogfish Head (both 60 minute and Aprihop) to some Whit beers.  Although we didn’t finish them all – we did some steady tempo of drinking and did our best.  Efforts like these really build a solid foundation.

On the drive back to my sister’s this morning the car died.  Sweet.  Got AAA to tow it the 25 miles to a shop near her place and await the sentence that will be handed down.  I am banking on fuel pump – given the sudden loss in fuel pressure while doing 70mph.  But I am rarely right.  Bets anyone?


~ by Indy on August 23, 2007.

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