Beer Days O’ Summer


Last several weeks have involved copious amounts of single arm curls. My beer swilling form is really coming around, just in time for cross season. I’ve noticed many people talking about cross – far more than last year. It would appear the sport is showing some exponential growth which is great. We should see huge numbers of participants and fans. And lots of fast riders (pro mtb’ers, cat 1 roadies = pain for the rest of us).

This should lead to more drinking too. See, what I haven’t noticed with all this brew-ha-ha about cross and getting proper equipment, mount/dismount practice, and intervals, is the brew-part. The drinking necessary to really be competitive. This looks to be my strong point for the up coming season. So unless you can do the race and then throw back a sixer of Corsendonk Brune don’t bother showing up – cause chances are I will be in the pit drinking before the halfway point of any race and be 3 beers ahead of anyone else.


In other news – I road outside yesterday. Huge for me. It’s been 3+ weeks and the trainer sucks…so an hour+ outside followed by intervals on the trainer was much more manageable. Of course, I followed this by drinking nearly a sixer of Anchor Steam. Form boys and girls – it takes discipline.


~ by Indy on August 21, 2007.

One Response to “Beer Days O’ Summer”

  1. holy crap…corsendonk is my favorite beer/ale of all time and anchor steam is my goto when i’ve gotten bored of sierra nevada. let’s be friends.

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