Two Weeks…

since the break up. i am over it. the pain is subsiding. but i’ve discovered that my hand may be broken. it was killing me off and on the past two weeks. then Friday night a bunch of us went to Dr. Granville’s (new Belgian joint in NE DC). When I re-met one of Sonja’s friends and shook her hand I thought she had the strength of the Hulk. She crushed my hand like I was a weak, old man. I guess that’s not too far off. Anyway, the pain persisted for at least 30 minutes (or at least until my third Belgian beer). I had just told Steven and Judd that I thought it might be broken before shaking hands – but this confirmed it for me.

So today I showed it to the chiro and ortho. Visible inspection gave both a similar conclusion, but x-rays at the ortho returned a negative. However, the 3 shots they took didn’t include a side view (looking down on the edge of my metacarpal) – which the ortho suspected snapped. In fact, the view just looking down on the hand flat on the table wouldn’t reveal this because the bone sticking up (again, visible bump in my hand) would blend into the back ground. Make sense? Anyway, like everything else, the plan is to just lay off it. So no street/cage/death-match fighting for a while.

Otherwise – everything else is healing quickly. Road rash is nearly gone. Bones are moving back together. I am getting this great popping or clicking sensation in my collarbone. Apparently, totally normal. Could be the bone or tendons moving around. Once again, not much I can do but take it easy. So…trainer rides commence today and hopefully I will be back outside on the bike in another 2 to 3 weeks.

Oh – speaking of Belgian beer drinking.  Steven Grant won the overall at the Tour of Christiana.  Showing the fearlessness (and true foolishness) of a Scot – he stayed at Dr. Granville’s when everyone else threw in the towel – then got up early the next morning to drive to PA for two days of racing.  After shaking off his hang over on day one (where he finished 12th) he went on to take 4th in the TT and 2nd in the crit on Sunday to wrap up the GC.  Well done – for a drunken Euro.

~ by Indy on August 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Two Weeks…”

  1. brother you just cannot get a “break” – well I guess you actually did get 3! Yikes and OUCH! – still I bet my childbirth hurt a lot more – so suck it up Nancy 🙂

  2. Dude, I feel your pain. Did a collarbone (in 4 places) and 2 ribs in May. But I’m in my best form of the year right now thanks to a steady post-crash build. The first two weeks are the worst (you feel like you’re made of glass), but you’ll start feeling noticeably better every day after that. I did notice that healing took a lot of energy – so sleep every chance you get. You’ll be raging for ‘cross!

  3. EE,

    Get better bud. You’ve had an awesome season thus far and ‘cross right around the corner. So get healthy and get ready for some t-n-t cross racing. If you need anything just call.

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