more of the same

just got back from ortho.

scapula is cracked too.

good news is that neither is too bad so i should be functional soon


~ by Indy on July 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “more of the same”

  1. Ouch…figured you did your collarbone man but scapula too… Sorry dude. All I can say is that I’ve done my collarbone twice and it’s healed really fast both times (3 weeks to back on the bike) and never hurt too much – just feels super weird is the only way I can describe it. You know you’re back to 100% when you can sleep on that side again though. It sounds like you’ve already got a good doc, but I’ve used Collins Gordon Johnson & Tozzi (966-2256) @ 3301 New Mexico Ave to great success. Get better and get ready to do a J. Page this cross season.

  2. Sorry about the bad news. Hope you heal fast.

  3. Probably the worst sight I’ve seen at the races all year….Evan on the tarmac…

    I hope you heal well, and come back to crush some people on the cross circuit! You rode awesome this weekend.

  4. Didn’t realize that was you on the pavement till someone told me after the race, sorry to hear it. I know you’re probably stressing about cross season, but you need some time off the bike to recover anyway – I learned that lesson the hard way last year. When everyone’s burning out in November and December you’ll come on strong. Heal fast and I’ll see you at Charm City.

  5. What Todd said. you’ll be back in no time. Heal up quick!

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