Grand Prix of Silver Spring

One dish, served twice: pain. My legs were cement for about half of the cat 3 race. Not surprising after yesterday, but the pace of this race was unforgiving. So was the pavement. I don’t think I’ve raced on a more torn up course. Too bad because the setting in downtown Silver Spring is sweet. It is still a well organized and really spectator friendly race – so other than the pavement, it was a great event. My performance, however, was sad. I wish there was something insightful to add but I was pack fodder.  I never got to the front, never did much of anything. I had no pop, snap, or crackle. There were plenty of ass-clowns diving in on the inside, especially on the narrow turn into the finishing straight which made it a little sketchy. Pete Custer made a good move with just over a lap to go to get towards the front. It seemed like the right move at the time, but my body was fighting me and so I saw him quickly move up as I quickly moved back. He took the win with Mike E. and Jose E. 2nd and 3rd, respectively. No shockers there. Me, I got caught behind a crash in the last corner and finished 27th.

Next up, the 1/2/3 race. It was a like a knock out blow from Mike in 91 seconds. Actually, less. In the 2nd corner on the first lap a bunch of guys went down and I got caught behind it. I struggled to maneuver around downed riders and over water bottles. The pack was gone and I was left to chase. Just what I needed. I stayed out on the course for 15 minutes figuring I’d at least get a threshold effort in until I got pulled. People encouraged from the sidelines kept me going, but it sucked to be dropped from the get go. Maybe it was for the best – I need some rest before Toona.


~ by Indy on July 23, 2007.

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