Eco Righteousness

I am a self proclaimed environmentalist/conservationist, what have you.  I have also been referred to (mostly by my wife) as a recycling-Nazi.  However, I live in a town full of retards in their mid-40s who proclaim to be liberal environmentalists yet have no problem running me off the road with their shiny Volvos.  Oh, some own Priuses, but it doesn’t mean they drive any better or friendlier.  Especially towards peds and cyclists.

So this sort of crap pisses me off.  Who gets the right to decide what is right and wrong?  I think giant SUVs are terrible.  They hog the road, consume an unimaginable amount of fuel, and are generally driven by cell phone texting soccer moms unaware of their surroundings – blissfully jamming out to Carlie Simon and yelling at the kids to shut up because the best part of the song is coming up.  In fact our friend we just visited in Seattle owns a H2.  I admit they are nice on the inside, but we still didn’t hesitate to bust his balls about owning a combat developed vehicle that gets 9 miles to the gallon and barely fits in a single residential lane.

But I am not about to go out smashing vehicles and taking a self-righteous stand of eco-superiority.  It would be nice if people drove less, and drove smaller vehicles. It would be nice if people who smoke didn’t just eject their butts out the window or on the sidewalk.  It would be nice if people thought more about what they consume and throw away and tried to use less, recycle more, and thought more about others.  That’s some nice stuff.  Fact is people are assholes and don’t change – won’t change – until New Orleans is under water again (and even then that won’t change the minds of many), fuel reaches $6 gallon, and we are attacked by terrorists again from another oil rich region of the world that we rely upon.

Point of all this ranting – nice job you effing eco-terrorists.  No wonder many people think environmentalism is a fanatic venture full of patruli oil wearing, pony-tail hippies.  Dumb-asses.


~ by Indy on July 19, 2007.

One Response to “Eco Righteousness”

  1. +1 on everything you just said.

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