This course didn’t seem too exciting. It reminded me of Quicksilver and I’m no fan of that course. This course is a D-shaped loop with two turns. A left after the start/finish climb and another left at the bottom leading back up the climb after coming downhill, into the wind, and over some small rollers (if you could call them that). I really didn’t think this course would be selective. I was wrong…no surprise there. I did the 30+ race and Cat. 3 race with very different outcomes.

In the 30+ it was a small field, but had some fire power. Ken Young, Bo Lee, Bill Breslin, Josh, Nissan guys, ABRT guys, and newly crowned 30+ national champ, Peter Cannell. It was looking like this race was going to hurt. Especially with a small field, it meant there would be no where to hide. Early on Ken, Peter, and some Nissan guys were laying the smack down. After about 4 or 5 laps in our 22 lap race Mike Price from Team Hall Nissan took a flyer after we made the left at the top of the climb. The guys up front let him go and his gap quickly opened. I was contemplating chasing and starting to move up the left when I saw more Nissan guys go to the front to protect their man’s move. They were on the right side – so I took off. Bridging hurt, but I got across and we started to work together. The gap went up to 20 seconds after a few laps. Then it took off. 40 seconds. 1:05 for a number of laps. It was clear our teammates were doing their fair share trying to protect us. Josh and the Nissan guys chased down attempts to bridge from the pack for multiple laps – enough for us to establish a good gap on the field. With about 10 to go it was 1:40. We asked each other if we had heard that right. Then it was up to over 2 minutes. It seemed it would stick. Next thing we know we are coming up on the back of the pack. Two guys were off and chasing us, but with only a few laps left it didn’t seem like a threat so we just followed the pack around. Nearing the last turn before the uphill finish I jumped and tried to get a gap. At first it looked good, but then Mike came across and I let off the gas, hoping I would have something for a sprint. I didn’t and was ceremoniously spanked in the sprint finish. Still – I’ll take 2nd after a hard fought breakaway. It was awesome to actually make something work and have teammates help. It felt like “real” road racing. Attacks, counters, team tactics – all that good crap.

I tried to recover before the next race. My right glute (technical for ass) and hamstring were hurting from the TT effort and I was dehydrated.

Cat 3 race I suffered. For the first few laps I was near the back, hoping my legs would come around – cement was all I felt. Then I started getting hungry and my skin had goosebumps. I thought I was going to bonk. I hit my hammer gel which seemed to help. Attacks were going off like the 4th. Mike E. was on his usual quest to hurt us. But nothing was sticking. I told Josh I figured it would come down to a sprint like most 3 crits. Again, I was wrong. Pete Custer pulled a similar move to Mike’s in my previous race and slipped away after the top of the hill and start of the backside decent into the wind. It was a smart move. Nobody wanted to chase into the wind, especially after so many moves had already come back. One guy went with Pete and they rolled away. That was the win. I sort of knew it at the time. However, my move was to cramp and hobble off the course with 2 to go. I was pack fodder most of the race, no help to Josh, and ended up watching as the race blew apart. A Haymarket rider got away and chased for several laps and took 3rd. Cliff Chamberlain from ETS made a smart move on the last lap and jumped away from the field to take 4th.

Steven Grant would be happy I think. It was refreshing to see what appeared to be an un-selective crit course finish with breakaways (in fact, Ramon B. won the 40+ in a break too and maybe the same occurred in the 1/2/3 races). Unfortunately, I saw the finish to one of my races from the sideline – holding my ass cheek in pain.


~ by Indy on July 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “Chantilly”

  1. sweet. congrats!

  2. Thanks for the sweet remembrance ….love, Mom

  3. […] in the race, it was no small task to help work for me.  Same thing occurred just last week at Chantilly when Josh worked with the Nissan guys to allow my 2-man break stay away.  Mucho grassy-ass to my […]

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