Welcome Home

Crap.  I left mid-70s with zero discernible humidity and stepped into the venting mouth of the devil.  98 today and 1 billion percent humidity.

My red-eye was delayed last night/this morning/whenever and took off at 12:30am.  I slept for 3 minutes and 11 seconds.  AirTran packs you like sardines.  Couple that with a bump…rather rough…flight and no pillows, blankets or comfortable way of positioning my head and it was a long 4+ hours.  We arrived at BWI at 8am and waited for an hour for baggage – that had to be the longest wait for baggage that wasn’t actually lost.  I dragged my 5olb+ bike box (tools, pump, clothing, etc. in addition to the actual bike), my 40lb backpack with camping gear, and my laptop backpack out into the suffocating heat.  I should have dropped the $ and taken a cab, but I opted for the B30 bus to Greenbelt and the bus-to-metro-to walk home option.  Bad choice.  I was suffering from sleep deprivation, dehydration, and multiple other bad d-starting words.

The trip however was worth this suffering.  I am sold on Seattle.  Great culture out there.  Sort of counter/fringe.  Lots of cyclists, motorcyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, tattoos/piercings, and all manors of hair color and cuts.  I had great sea food.  Great coffee.  And of course, great beer.  Far too many I am sure.  I went to Red Hook Brewery on Sunday – another plus.  In fact, I was trying to tally the number of breweries I could hit before leaving…4 I think…which is actually a pretty weak effort on my part.

pix to come on shutterfly.

oh – I was never once honked at, harassed, or flipped off while cycling in the Seattle area.  Plus, fellow cyclists actually wave back…something so rare in the DC metro area.  Here we like to just stare and scope out other cyclists and never acknowledge that the person is saying hello.  What a novelty.  DC sucks!


~ by Indy on July 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Welcome Home”

  1. Hey, maybe it’s you.

  2. I say “go brother” – fly be free of the congestion, the rudeness, the honking cars and make your way west – selfishly I’d rather go to Seattle, then DC anyway, and you’d be a heck of a lot closer to CA if we wanted to make a little visit there too.

  3. Dang. Would hate to see you leave DC, but completely understand the Seattle attraction. Don’t forget BC is just up the road as well.

    Perhaps after this Ghana thing, we’ll find our way out there for good too.

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