Lake Washington

Hung out with Autumn yesterday. We took out “his” (actually his boss’s boat) yesterday and enjoyed more great weather and views from the Lake. What a life. I really think I could live in this town. I know – it rains. And perhaps I’ve been treated to unseasonable weather. But to have the water and mountains in such close proximity, coupled with a city like Seattle, seems like my kind of thing. So far the people in Seattle have been mostly great. I have yet to be honked at or flipped-off while riding. In fact, the biking culture is huge out here. That, and breweries and coffee shops are huge too. SO…bikes, beer, coffee, mountains, water, and a city just big enough to have diversity and culture. I’ll take rain if I can get all that with a generally friendly and laid back community. An example…my bike was trashed from Thursday’s rain-fest. I went across the street to the bike shop to have them look at my rear wheel. Basically, the bearings were seized up and the freewheel needed lube. The bearings are shot and getting replacements before I leave is unlikely – but the wrenches are still working on it. They’ve soaked the bearings and plan to do their best to re-grease them. They also gave me simple green, some rags, a brush, a bucket, and let me use there water spicket to clean the rest of my bike. All without hesitation. Yeah, I could see us moving here. Kim loves it too…maybe even more than me. Since she’s out here all the time anyway, work isn’t so much an issue for her. Getting my PhD done is – then finding a job out here. But I think we could swing it. Time will tell.

driving-the-boat.jpg lake-w-bridge.jpg me-and-autumn.jpg the-boat.jpg


~ by Indy on July 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Lake Washington”

  1. I lived in Vancouver for a couple of years – the one in BC, not WA. Loved it, for all the reasons you’re grooving on Seattle. FWIW, I got used to the rain. It just rains, and whatever you had planned in your day – a ride, a race, an afternoon kicking around downtown – just continues. You get fenders and some goretex and roll with it, and you end up appreciating even more the days when you can see the tops of the mountains. I’d be back there myself if life would let me.

  2. sounds great! We have a friend, Brian who moved out awhile ago and is still loving it – for the same reasons too – he’s a ski guy and loves to ski the West. I say you guys go for it! We’ll be there for a visit – awesome!

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