Seward Park

Seattle racing. I road over around 5pm to do the Thursday night race series at Seward Park. On the way, the periodic rainfall we’d been experiencing all day picked up so by the time I got to Lake Washington blvd it was pretty steady. I arrived just after 6pm and the B men were starting. My plan was to do the C race (this is reversed from our Greenbelt race back east – the Cs are the P/1/2/3 here) and see how things faired, but I was having my reservations about ripping around a park in the rain. I decided to mull things over back on the Lake W. blvd and at least get some tempo riding in. The rain lightened up and as 7pm approached I turned back to the park and signed up for some turns through the park. The guys next to me commented that though the field was small (about 20) that it was stacked – “quality, not quantity”. The first few laps I sat on the back and got gapped on the course’s only downhill section. I was puckering up the whole way. But I found it easy to jump back on each lap. After several laps some attacks started going. When it about 2 groups got off I decided I would go too. I linked up with 2 guys who were chasing a group of about 4 up the road. There was another 2 or so up from them. Within in a few laps we had all grouped up and had a break of about 10. Attacks were launched. I followed some and launched some. Nothing stuck. With a about 3 or 4 to go our break lapped the field and soon after 2 guys got away. Nobody wanted to be the one to set the chase. So we finished out the race thinking we would bring them back, but they made it stick. Coming into the final lap our group was attacking each other. Jonny Sundt took off first, but it was clear nobody was willing to let him ride away. When we caught him the counters came and I took off before the final corner leading to the uphill finish. It was too early and I was blown by in the sprint. I finished 5th in the sprint – 7th overall.

The best part of this race was that I stuck it out to race in the rain. After Wilmington I have been sketched out about racing – actually, even riding – in the rain. Racing at Seward helped with my confidence to stay upright (at least this time) in the water. Hitting 40mph on the back stretch on wet pavement is big for me and my chicken-ass.


~ by Indy on July 1, 2007.

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