I’m out in the Emerald City (I think that’s what they call this place) for 2 weeks.  Kim is here for work and I am tagging along – supposedly doing work too.  I got some stuff done early yesterday morning, then unpacked and built up the bike.  I ventured out for a 50+ mile ride around Lake Washington, but with some unintentional excursions and detours, it ended up being 70.  The weather was perfect – mid 70s and sunny.  The hills around here are great, some brutally steep, and I was hurting by the time I returned to the hotel.  Quick bite to eat, some emails, and then I walked down the street about a block to the flagship REI and Feathered Friends (high end gear).  We’re going down to Mt Rainier on Friday for several days of backpacking and I was looking to get some stove fuel and other crap.  Not surprisingly, based on our camping track record, it is going to rain this weekend.  I guess thats not surprising for this area either – so there is little hope of a rain-free excursion.  Still should be a blast.


a view south of the Seattle skyline from the northern tip of Lake Washington


A glimpse of Mt Rainier from the eastern side of Lake W., heading south.


~ by Indy on June 27, 2007.

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